Healthy and Fast Post-Run Snack


This week, for one of my U of T continuing studies courses I had to make a video with my group that we could share over social media.  Since all of our blogs are about healthy activities or food-related, we decided to make a video of a healthy post-run snack: Roasted Chickpeas.

Oh She Glows: Roasted Chickpeas

I fell in love with the Oh She Glows blog many years ago, when it’s author, Angela Liddon, had only a few thousand followers. She introduced me to Green Smoothies and chia seeds; two of my daily diet staples.

The recipe we made┬ácomes from her blog and shiny new cookbook and it’s a great post-run/post-workout snack because it’s full of protein and carbs which is what your muscles so desperately want after working so hard for you.

Here’s the recipe. Enjoy! #YumYum


Featured image credit: Edible Perspective






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